Add value to your firm’s offering by partnering with Directives Online. Our Estate Professionals Program allows attorneys, CPAs, CFPs, CLUs, etc. to private label our services, so you can differentiate yourself from the competition with an easy-to-use turnkey solution. Getting started takes minutes: simply sign up clients from your office and upload their documents to their vault.

Benefits for Your Practice

  1. Become part of our referral network so we can send client inquiries your way.
  2. Expand your estate service offering to your clients.
  3. Private label our emergency card with your firm’s name.
  4. Offer wallet cards for students, children, and intellectually disabled adults.
  5. Reduce time spent chasing clients’ lost or misplaced documents by referring them to their Directives Online vault. 
  6. Increase opportunities to market your practice back to your clients during life changes with ready-to-send and branded emails.

Enjoy Partner Perks

  • Try out Directives Online for free with a 3-month estate professionals trial if you sign up.
  • Pass along wholesale pricing for our Complete Service to your clients.
  • Providing Pro Bono estate planning to indigent veterans? We can help. 


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This is my application to allow my firm (the “Firm”) to offer the Directives Online service to the Firm’s clients. I, who has authority to act on behalf of the Firm, understand that Directives Online affords clients the following services: (1) the ability to store their emergency healthcare information in an online Emergency Wallet for ease of access; and (2) store their legal, real estate, insurance, financial documents and related information on a cloud based server. If the Firm provides these services to its clients, the Firm acknowledges and understands that Directives Online is not responsible for updating or verifying the legality, accuracy or completeness of any documents or information stored with Directives Online; that Directives Online will contact the Firm’s clients who utilize the services for annual access renewals unless the Firm elects to pay the ongoing client access fees directly to Directives Online. The Firm agrees to allow direct communication to its clients who utilize Directives Online for the service to provide reminders to the clients to update their information. The services provided by Directives Online is proprietary in nature and the Firm and its designees hereby agree that it will not disseminate or use such intellectual property to establish a service similar to or in competition with Directives Online.
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